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adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Let us take a closer look on a model which functioned as a tennis shoe 40 years ago and is now a casual, iconic sneaker.

In the first half of the 60s adidas decided to produce the first model of tennis shoes made of leather. Robert Haillet and many other tennis professionals played in these shoes. When he decided to retire, adidas faced the necessity to find a new ambassador for their collection of tennis shoes. In 1971, they went for unquestionable number 1 – Stan Smith. Although the sneakers were named Stan Smith, by many they were called Haillet until 1978. From this time on they were the shoes we know today. In 1988, they were chosen by 22 million of customers, which resulted in breaking the Guiness record. By 1994, the number was already almost 24 million! The Adidas Stan Smith sneakers rank 4th on the list of 50 best snekaers in the world. At the same time, they are among top ten of the best sports shoes. In 2014 the production of the shoes was renewed and Stan Smiths became one of the best-selling shoes in Europe once again. The snekaers did not make their come back to tennis courts though. They are presented during fashion shows, in schools and on buses, worn by showbiz stars and, of course, in the Sneakers by Distance shop.

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