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New Balance 247 Shoes

New Balance 247 is quite a new model created by the famous brand.

Its contemporary and slim design may be used for anyone, at any time and for every occasion. New Balance 247 is inspired by such models as New Balance M1300JP, 998 and the iconic 576. New Balance KL247 for women drag attention with their colours designed for women; New Balance MRL247 for men satisfy the needs of all active men who love a fast pace of life. The low upper of these sneakers adjusts itself to every foot, while high-quality materials inside the upper ensure proper air flow inside the shoe. All models within 247 line are equipped in the RevLite system which is based upon the foam-like material hidden in the inner sole of the shoe. It enhances the functionality and comfort of everyday use no matter ho often you wear the shoes. A deeply cut upper made of soft material makes it easy to put the shoes on and to take them off. It will sorely make you love these new kicks!

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