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Nike Air Max 1 Shoes

Releasing a flag model by Nike Sportswear – Air Max 1 on March 26th 1987 was a breakthrough for this company from Oregon. The characteristic feature of the model was a visible cushion in the heel.

Air-Sole, as this was the name of this element, was firstly introduced in the Nike shoes in the late 70s. However, Air Max 1 was the first model in which the amortisation cushion was not only sensible but also visible.
During one of his trips to France, Tinker Hatfield, a member of the team involved in designing Nike Air Max 1, was inspired by the Pompidou Center – some elements of the building were installed on the outside instead of the inside. That is when he thought, why on Earth do we hide the Air system inside the shoes? Quickly, he managed to change that. The idea resulted in creation of Nike Air Max 1 with visible Air Sole system in 1987. A small transparent window revealed all secrets of the Nike shoes, it started a new era of sports shoes and the whole line of Air Max shoes. Ever since, the Air Max shoes have stolen millions of sports people’s and regular user’s hearts. Since 2014, March 26th is the official Air Max Day. If you seek comfortable, light shoes, do not hesitate to try Air Max.

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