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Nike Air Max Shoes

March 23rd 1987 marks a transformation point for the sneakers market. Nike launched their latest creation – Nike Air Max 1, the first model of the line. The most valuable secret of the company was shown in the day light.

It was a visible gas pad, which later on became a symbol of the Nike Air Max series. Air Max revolutionised the whole sports shoes market. The author of this breakthrough – Marion Frank Rudy designed the Air system in the 80s. The gas cushioning was inserted in the sole and its task was to minimise impact – protect runners’ joints and muscles. At the end of the 80s, Tinker Hatfield modified this invention and put the gas pad directly on the sole. That is how the Air Max system was created. The solution is appreciated by many running amateurs. The Air Max system is cleverly applied in the contemporary Nike models. This technology may be found in many Nike Air Max models for men and women. Each model is equipped in a different shape and size of the pad, which is also located in different parts of the shoe, depending on the model. 25 years after it was launched, the Air Max system has no competition on the market. The shoes stand out among other models with their technology and design. See for yourself! We offer you Nike Air Max for men and women.

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