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Nike LeBron Shoes

Only some sports people get to have shoes marked with their names. Not many basketball stars may be proud of their own pro-models. Lebron James one of the players who were honoured with such collaboration.

He was only 18 years old when the first Nike Lebron shoes appeared on the market. It was rather a risky investment, but it turned out great. Years after thids decision Lebron is recognised as the best player of the NBA league. Some love this model, others hate it, but despite the attitude, Lebron models will always be remembered by sneakerheads and basketball players all over the world. The line features as many as 13 models. Each of them reflects the style Lebron represents on the NBA courts. Speed, strength and dynamics are the qualities distinguishing Lebron’s game. They may be noticed in his shoes as well. They are equipped in the latest systems designed for Nike professional shoes. One of the technologies is Dynamic Flyware, which perfectly fits and supports the middle part of the foot. Zoom amortisation cushions protect and support hock and knee joint.

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