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Nike Roshe Shoes

For the first time, Nike Roshe One was presented in 2010, but it became available for sale in 2012.

During these two years the creator of the model – Dylan Raasch – modified and tested the sole as many as 16 times and introduced over 50 changes to the upper. Surprisingly, the designer drew inspiration from meditation. “Roshe” derives from the Japanese word “Roshi” meaning the Zen master. In 2015, the original name, Roshe Run, was changed into Roshe One. Such modification was needed, as the users would often misinterpret the name and buy them for running training, and it was not the function of this model. Rush One were created as lifestyle footwear which goes well with every casual outfit. The upper made of breathing net provides proper air flow, while the sole made of Phelon improves comfort of use. The unquestionable success of the model motivated the designers to create other versions of Roshe Run for men and women, which made use of the latest technological solutions. Roshe is an icon of the sneakers market and it is not about to change any time soon, as Nike will stick to the model in its new collections.

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