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Converse Shoes

Originally, Converse was established in 1909 in Malden, Massachusetts.

Undoubtedly, 100 years of tradition is quite an achievement. The brand was founded by Marquis Converse, who always valued autonomy which he followed in producing shoes as well. He was determined not to copy any other brands’ ideas. All his shoes were to be unique.
What are the most important information on this brand? First and foremost, Converse created the first shoes for basketball as early as in 1917. Impressive, isn’t it? Even more so, considering the fact that the first NBA league matches took place in 1946. In the past – basketball shoes, now – classic sneakers. With the All Star Chuck Taylor model, Converse took the market by storm. Now they symbolise style, comport and multi-functionality. The shoes embody the urban culture, sport and streetwear. The Converse products for men and women have millions of fans all over the world. They suit every style and almost every outfit – trousers, shorts, dresses and skirts. Sneakers with high and low upper are available in all possible colours. No matter the model and colour, the Converse shoes meet the needs of young and adult customers. It is worth remembering, that shoes are only a part of products by Converse. The brand offers clothes and accessories as well. Currently, Converse is a part of the Nike concern.

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