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Diadora Shoes

Diadora has been present on the marked since 1948. At the beginning, it was nothing more than a small company offering hand-made shoes for hiking.

As the executed pairs quickly turned out to be the best available shoes, the company developed overnight. At the beginning of the 70s, Diadora offered shoes for many other professional sport disciplines. It also came up with a brand-new idea for sports marketing. The brand was determined to make sports people really WANT to choose Diadora products, which led to gaining appreciation of the products in the sports world. Soon after, true icons of style and sports, such as Bjorn Borg and Roberto Bettega, presented themselves in Diadora shoes. As many other brands, Diadora products transformed from shoes restricted for professional sports to everyday shoes. They changed both: contemporary world of sport and the world as such. Keeping all this in mind, we offer you neat kicks by Diadora: Diadora N9000 III for women and Diadora V7000 Italia for men. These models are characterised by unique design and full satisfaction guaranteed by the producer.

This classic British brand with 120 years of experience, presents its clients with fashionable and timeless collections of sports shoes season by season. It offers simple design leaving room for individual ideas and styles.
The unchanged line of the upper characterising Reebok Classic is perfect for contemporary style of casual outfits. Moreover, it adds a note of ease to more formal, however still casual ones. The key to success of this sports model is simple and universal design of the upper. All models of the Reebok Classic collection go well with jeans and shorts combined with more smart shirts or polo shirt. Such outfits ale the essence of casual and sporty style. Tracksuit fans will also appreciate this universal nature of these classic models. The collection of sports shoes by Reebok suits the street fashion in every possible way. No matter what your favourite style is, a pair of Reebok Classic will make all your outfits look more stylish and sophisticated. High-quality of the shoes ensure your comfort during all kinds of meetings and intense working days. As one of the leading producers of sports shoes, Reebok offers various models of shoes for men and women included in the classic, traditional collection. Reebok Classic and Reebok Classic Leather are just two examples of many Reebok models worth our recommendation.

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