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Jordan Brand Shoes

While the premiere of the first Air Jordan 1 took place in 1984, the Jordan Brand was officially established in 1997.

Why is that so? It was in 1997 when the Jordan products were separated from Nike. The first Jordan shoes were designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield and Bruce Kilgore for the Nike company. There are no other basketball players who would be given such an opportunity and transform it into such a success as Michael Jordan. Currently, products marked with the “jumpman” logo may be divided into three categories. Air Jordan Retro – the timeless classic models, icons among basketball shoes. These are the shoes in which Michael Jordan played, won championships and slam dunk contests, was awarded MVP titles. Jordan Performance, on the other hand, is the collection designed only for playing basketball. It incorporates state-of-the-art technologies developed for basketball shoes. The last category, Jordan Lifestyle, is the line dedicated to everyday use and modelled on Air Jordan and. As the shoes are rather clumpy, they may not fit some outfits, although they go well with baggy jeans and T-shirts.

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