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KangaROOS Shoes

KangaROOS is a company specialising in selling shoes, clothes and accessories in over 60 countries around the world.

It draws inspiration from its original field – sports – and successfully combines this spirit with modern, original and unique elements. The very start of this success may be perceived as rather unexpected – it was an idea of an American architect, Robert “Bob” Gamm. For he was a huge fan of running, he created the first KangaROOS training shoes in 1979. What made them stand out among other such product was one useful element. Namely, it was a tiny pocket, secured with a zip or burre, which was perfect for keeping a key while running. The name was not accidental. They are meant to move forward, without looking back. The contemporary KangaROOS shoes are among the top-shelf products, designed for intense physical activity in various conditions. The shoes will also go well with casual, sporty street style for university, work or leisure time with friends. Put KangaROOS on right away!

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