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New Balance Shoes

New Balance is considered one of the oldest producers of sports footwear around the world.

The brand was created in 1906 by William J. Riley whose main goal was to improve the quality and comfort of labourers’ lives. He observed that they complain about uncomfortable shoes which make it difficult for them to do their work. It inspired Riley to design insoles which would improve the labourers’ comfort by taking the pressure off the foot arch. As it is common for many ground-breaking ideas, this one emerged from observation of the closest environment. William noticed that chickens maintain a perfectly straight posture by using three claws – three points of support. It provided him with the idea of designing a triangular insole which ensured three points of support for feet as well. Since then, Riley has specialised in insoles. As the working class welcomed the innovation with enthusiasm and the demand for the product grew, the producer could develop his company. After 32 years (in 1938) the company introduced the first New Balance model made of kangaroo leather. Firstly though, the product was not produced for regular users. It was created for the runners from the Boston Brown Bag Harries, who tested them for the first time. Soon after this situation changed and the shoes became available for the wider circle of clients. Moreover, their low price, 7$ per pair, made them popular.
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