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Saucony Shoes

Saucony shoes are much appreciated by those who value reliable, comfortable sneakers not marked with any popular logos. Saucons offer maximum focus on health and comfort for professional runners and other users as well.

The brand produces perfect shoes for runners in terms of technology and great sneakers for everyday use – Saucony Grid 8000 for men and Saucony Shadow 5000 for women. The most characteristic features of the Saucony’s lifestyle shoes are: the classic shape of the suede leather upper and a wide variety of its colours. The users also appreciate clever solutions improving the comfort. It is worth mentioning that the brand is 100 years old and was founded in Pennsylvania. The name was inspired by one of the rivers weaving through the state. Interestingly enough, the company started its career by producing shoes for children. High-quality products enabled the brand to develop instantly and thus, in 1910 it produced as many as 800 pairs per day. Each model of Saucony shoes ensures amortisation and stability, which also keeps the company among the leading producers of sneakers.

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