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Timberland Shoes

Timberland is a pioneer brand established in 1952. Its owner, Nathan Schwartz developed a ground-breaking seamless method of joining soles and uppers.

This technique enabled the creation of waterproof shoes. It was tested and approved by those who work in hard weather conditions: builders, loggers, trappers. Surprisingly, the name Timberland appeared on the company’s products in 1973. The highest standard of quality made the Timberland shoes very reliable. Top-shelf leather improved comfort of using and made the shoes adjust better to feet. The classic “camel” boots have been produced and sold since the beginnings of the company and is worn no matter the weather. Fans of sneakers willingly choose this model for Winter. The boots are no longer perceived as shoes for work, rather as an icon of urban fashion and lifestyle. Timberland shoes are perfect for both: men and women. In the 90s, the “6 inches” boots were the most popular model worn by American rappers. It helped them steal the show in terms of hip-hop culture. Currently, the brand produces urban winter shoes created with the help of the latest technologies. Although the design of the Timberland has transformed, its creator strives to make every pair bear similarities to the original “lumber shoes”. All in all, Timberland means a successful combination of style, the latest technologies, quality and perfect design.

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